Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eventful Day

Yesterday was an eventful day. Started out as my glacier caving trip (I might as well do something while I was here waiting) got cancelled. I decided to walk around to "downtown" strip for lunch. Everyday I always find some "excuse" for myself to go somewhere. And as I go, I carry my backpack loaded with stuffs (including the CCNA book :) -- it's been useful as a dumb bell so far LOL). The backpack is bcak breaking heavy, but i need it to stay in shape as a form of exercise. Not sure if it's a good one but there is no stairs master here. Anyway, after the lunch, Mikhail, Sacha (a driver for Vicaar) and I went to the airport to pick up my guide Christophe (Austrian), my partner for the trip Sergei (from St Petersburg) and two journalists Mark (from Italy) and Emma-Kate (an aussie). We picked them up and stopped by the hangar (more like a warehouse) meeting with Victor and some other people then we off to our hotels/hostels. Mark and I then went on the afternoon ice caving trip for 3 hours. After we finished, we rushed to the Radisson SAS hotel for our first meeting with the team for the expeditions. The day finished at 11-something pm for me.
Me riding the snowmobile


Anonymous said...

you look good :-)
-Sreedhar Reddy

ragavan said...

i bet for 100k USD, you are the first human being to take CCNA book to the North Pole expedition :-)
good to hear that you are doing well.