Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

As the airplane approaching the Bay Area yesterday morning, a soothing sight of green appearing through the window, I know I am home. It's green, at last. The last two and a half weeks, although most days were sunny and gorgeous, they were white. It's nice to be back to the warm California.

When I went out for lunch in Milpitas Square, I felt I was just there the day before. This is not Asia where things change fast within two or 3 weeks, but I am talking about the perception I have after the trip.

It's like a dream. Going to the North Pole was a dream. Being there was a dream. There was no concept of time, the sun is up 24 hours. Everywhere is white. The air is always supercold. The routine everyday is the same. And all are too unreal and yet very real. I am glad I lived this dream.

Last night when I got home from work and after finishing my dinner, I craved for some sweet. I opened the fridge and found the sugar-preserved lemon (mut chanh) my mom made when she was here visiting me a few days before the expedition. They were yummy and sweet.

Home sweet home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Khai, I'm Vy, I'm Vietnamese and living in HCMC. Your expedition to the unbelievable place on earth was posted on the Youth Newspaper (Bao Tuoi Tre). And that's a chance I got to know about you and your trip. You did very great job and you have a grave mind, I think, after reading all of your blog entries here. Actually, I read all. It's really an amazing trip.
I want to let you know that you also have a sense of a writer, not merely an adventurer. When I read, I was really interested and it seemed as if I followed you on the way, too (though I can't bear the coldness). I am looking forward to your following posts (not yet posted all, right?).
Anyway, It's a great job!!!!
Congratulation!! And I'm so happy to know you are a Vietnamese.

Shortly ... Well, Well done. you are great!!

Phuong Vy (