Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Setback

Yesterday was my first full day back to the US. I did not have much of jetlag thanks to a good sleep the night before (though I had to work right after I got home from the airport from 1am to 3am!).

I went to the gym at my usual hour and did my rowing routine. I did not complete it, only 3/4 of it. That is not good. At the end of the routine, I felt just tired and no energy to pull the handles.

I did expect the trip will set me back a little but not able to complete my easy routine is a little of concern. I guess not eating well on a trip (lots of unhealthy but really yummy pastries from Portugal) did not help too much. Or do I simply need a few days to adjust to normal?

Hope I will get back to the level I was in quickly as Mt Shasta trip is coming up soon enough. It is the first test of the training.

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