Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sous chef

After this morning briefing, we were told the weather continue to be bad and the next window is Friday. But around 9:30 Carl told us we might have tiny chance to fly after he get an update at 10:30. Of course that was a pointer to 12:30. Remember the linked list? So we decided to go out for the 10k ski again, without sleds this time. There was so much fresh snow after the bad weather the past few days. We did in 3 hours this time.By the time I hit back in camp, Ricky, one of the two chefs who specializes in Asian dishes, didn't appeared too happy "You are late, chop chop!". I talked to Ricky yesterday about food and he suggested we should have gỏi cuĂ´́n, Vietnamese spring rolls and asked if I could help. They have most of the ingredients except for the bean sprouts. Of course I gladly accepted it.So I got changed quickly and ran to the dining tent. All the ingredients were laid out on the table ready to be rolled. I tested the bún (vermicelli) it was almost raw. I asked him to cook it. He added hot water and soaked it for a several mins. Surprisingly it was cooked and soft. We were supposed to make 120 rolls, half of which were vegetarian. I only had two helpers so I asked another person chime in. She was happy to help. I showed them how to soak the rice paper and his to make the wrap. The task was easy so everyone got on it very quickly. We finished the wrapping fairly quickly while Ricky making the sauce. OMG the hoisin sauce he created was a killer, it was delicious, just like home cooked, even better than those peanut sauce you would find in Vietnamese fast-food shops in San Jose. He also made another sauce, just coriander, lime and sugar and a little chili. It was also fantastic. The rolls were not perfect but for Antarctica, it was heaven. There was so many praises for the dish and of course the killer sauce.Photo: Sous chef of the daySent from Iridium Mail & Web.

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