Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Testing day

The weather improved today in Union Glacier. Not much of wind or snow. But unfortunately we still have to wait for good weather to fly which is now forecasted for Friday!. The flight day keeps being pushed back. Lets hope some miracle happens.This morning Devon came to my tent for a short interview. He's making a video for the trip for his family and friends and especially for his girlfriend who wonders what kind of people would do this type of trip. He's interviewing everyone from the two teams and Luke. I'm sure I'll get a copy when I'm back.We also tried to be a little active and did a 4.8k ski run to the fake Christmas tree next to the "landing strip". I was leading the way there and Em leading us back. Our ski time for the return trip was one hour and 10 minutes. This was actually pretty fast. We probably won't ski with this pace in the field. This was also the time I tested out a few things like my mask, new pair of insoles and knee braces. They seemed to work quite well for me. Em also tested out her insoles and new binding. She's quite happy with them as well.Photo: View from my tent in Union Glacier camp after the weather improved Sent from Iridium Mail & Web.

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