Monday, November 30, 2015

Sewing workshop

There was a briefing this morning on weather for the next few days. Unfortunately the weather system I mentioned in previous entry gets worse. The storm comes from south Atlantic Ocean and affects regions from the peninsula all the way to the South Pole. We are certainly experiencing it now, snowing with strong wind gusts. The new flying time is on Thursday :( No one flies anywhere until then. All teams stay put for now, even the Vinson climbers who are already on the mountain.So what do we do in the mean time then? Custom make our face masks. And that involves some designing and sewing. It's quite funny to see everyone was so much into it. Stew, Shahrom, me and even Mostafa who never sewn anything in his life, did a good job creating some "interesting" looking masks. I guess we all have some creative side in us. It took us quite a long time and a few trials so come up with something that hopefully would work. Em and Carl were working her ski bindings and fit. Luke is still working on his tent modification. It is a lot of sewing for him.You can check out some of our products in the photo.Sent from Iridium Mail & Web.

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