Sunday, March 23, 2008

Facebook frustration

I have this idea of live blogging while on the trip using a satellite phone. While the idea is cool and all (it could be the first on Facebook or any blog site -- unconfirmed because I havent done enough of research -- wouldnt be surprised because there are many trekkers have done it before), the Facebook does not support satellite phone. I will be getting the phone tomorrow but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work directly with facebook (will try anyway, maybe I missed some details from representative lady from the phone store). The reason is the sat phone does not have the regular North American phone number so FB wouldn't know how to send the confirmation code to the phone to complete the registration process. The goal is I will send an email via sat phone to somewhere and somehow it will be routed that to Facebook Notes. I have many ideas but the easier (for such a short amount of time) and feasible solution is sending email to webmail then route it to FB. So on last Friday, I tried to come up with this litttle facebook app that could help me archieve the goal. The example I downloaded from Facebook developer doesn't seem to work very well. I could authenticate but that's about it, I cannot retrive or do anything else. It crapped out with "Invalid argument" or things like that. Have to admit that I didn't read much of the help or doc but there seems to be little doc to begin with. Plus Idon't have much time to spend on this. After a few more hours yesterday, no improvement so I decided to ditch the idea using facebook and go for Blogger has mail-to-blog feature which is sweet. The only thing is some how sync this blogger to facebook. I found Mirror Blog app from FB which does exactly what I want but doesnt work too well. Just now I tried out the Facebook import feature (developed by the FB team - hopefully in better quality), will see how it works. If it doesnt work either, then I guess I have to let everyone I know from FB know to start coming here.

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