Saturday, March 22, 2008

First entry on blogger

A lot of people know that I am going to the North Pole by now. It's interesting to see different reactions when I told people. Many would say "cool" but a few show the concern. One of them is Tayana. She seems to be freaked out when told her. Her experience of the extreme cold weather didn't bring her pleasant memory when she grew up in remote areas of Russia. Another kind of reaction is mute. Mike just took it as it's just another trip Khai is planning, no big deal. A lot of questions have been asked such as am I nervous or excited. It's strange that I lost the nervousness and even some of the excitement. I think I am ready to take on the challenges. I have to admit that I was nervous about this trip at first. It is a risk, that's for sure. But I guess risk is everywhere. All that I need to prepare for this has been done, well, maybe a few more cross country trips in Tahoe would be nice.

I got most of the stuffs I need for the trip except a few small things. Got some packing to do tomorrow.


Winston said...

Too much detail! Do I really want to know every second of every day of your life Khai?!

Winston said...

Okay, just kidding. Looks like an awesome trip. Go Khai go!

Anonymous said...

Good! Keep blogging
-Sreedhar Reddy

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
It is Alexei, remember our meeting at Barneo?
I wanted to talk to you about your experiences as ours were pretty lame - Victor was treating us like babies :-)
Can you call me 301-942-9167 or e-mail admitri1 at verizon dot net