Sunday, March 23, 2008

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01/11 - Start of the new thread of notes

6:04pm Friday, Jan 11 Edit Note Delete
It's been a while I got on this notes thing to write something. I guess I should start writing more as it looks like I'm in the biggest trip of my life. It's not just a trip but something even bigger. An adventure of my life to date. Robert promised to send me info either today or tmr for more details. So will see. I must start working out. For some reason, I'm too lazy to drag my ass to the gym. But laziness woulndt help, I know that. I forgot the gym clothes today so i'm excused but I cannot do this longer. The end of the month is Barrow. Must do soemting and this weekend maybe a busy weekend shopping for winter stuffs for Alaska. Found one pair of boots in REI (online) for $100 that could me warm in -40F (-40C). They're ugly but work in extreme weather. I will have to go to the store and grab them. I also need to book the hotel in Barrow. Somehow I feel they're (or rather the receptionist girl) not that friendly - at least over the phone - like a typical northerner. This hotel is recommended by some reviewers online so it must be decent. I dont know what I am going to do there for 3 days but I guess i'll figure something out. Maybe borrow some sledge and walk around in the twilight like a zombie dragging this stupid sledge :). Maybe I'll just borrow some cross country ski and ski around town for 8 hours. Who knows but definitely I will tell them my purpose of the trip and see what they can help. Ghosh, there are too many things to worry about and so many things i need to take care of.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Khai, I love what you did, fullfilling the dream is the greatest thing in one's life. I am a Vietnamese American just like you, I am proud of you and wish you the best in future explorations. I and most of Vietnamese people who live oversea as well as in Vietnam (who can not freely express their patriotism on the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa matter)are exciting to see you with the banner showing the 2 islands are belong to Vietnam, THANK YOU for that. But why you carry the Communist VN flag ? Are you supporting the Communist government who are known as one of the worst corrupted government, oppressing 84 millions people, where human right have been violated severely. You seem to be an educated guy but too innocent. I hope the Vietnamese people will forgive you for the biggest mistake in life that you have made at the same time with your biggest dream becoming reality. Next time if you could make the trip to the South Pole, you don't have to bring the Republic of VN flag but please do not bring the Communist VN flag, it would be an insult to Vietnamese people especially those who live here in the USA where you should be thankful for all the opportunities that you are having. Please !!