Monday, May 11, 2009

Communication Plan

Besides physical training and gear acquiring, I am looking at different aspects of the trip such as technology and communication.

For the North Pole, I relied on satellite phone to keep in touch with family and update the blog. This time it'll be the same, and more.

First, nothing can replace a satellite phone for voice communication in polar regions. That's for sure. And I will continue to do that in my next trip.

Second, blogging. Last time I dispatched messages directly from the phone to the blog. It is cool and all but the problem is that all I can do. Now I will build a middle layer, that takes the messages and posts them for me, so the blog will be more consistent.

This middle layer will do more than just posting. It will be able to send me the messages people enter on this blog (in Contact Me section - which currently sends emails to me) to a satellite phone and also understands some commands I will ask it to perform. All via messages. Will see how this whole thing goes, but I know exact what piece of software I need to write and the technical tools to use.

I hope to have a live tracking system for the expedition as well, and currently looking into the available technology. I will update when I know more about it.

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