Saturday, May 23, 2009


Weisure (wē'zhər, wĕzh'ər)
Blurred line between work and leisure.

This is what I am doing now. Actually, it's rather workation.

I arrived in Madrid this morning, starting my trip to Spain, Morocco and Portual. I'm not going to spend a lot of time in Spain. The main focus of this trip is Morocco and Portugal. But (there's always a but!), I have to work too as I said I have been busy at work. I had to cut my vacation time and work remotely from these countries in between. Morocco is a little iffy, so I opt for Casablanca, which is a business hub in Morocco and hope I can work from Cisco office. Will see. I will not post anything on this trip here as they are not related to the South Pole. Just thought there may not any post on South Pole for the period of two weeks when I am in Europe/North Africa. Until next time.

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