Friday, May 15, 2009

The Spot Is Secured

I spoke to Angie in ANI today. Good news. They received my deposit to secure my spot in the program. Phew. I had to wait one week to send them the cheque because of it took time to transfer money from one account to another. They gave two weeks to make a deposit. So now they got it and everyone is happy :)

Last day to pay the total amount is Sept 17.

I chatted with her a little bit too. I asked her if there is anyone near where I live joins the program. And the answer was no. It would be nice to know your partner(s) ahead of time so we can train together and that could cut down some cost. I have done everything by myself so far.

I was also curious to know if there are any (past and present) participants who are of Vietnamese origin. She promised to look into it but so far no one she could recall. But it'll be difficult to tell. Maybe when I have a chance to visit them, I'll check the list myself :). ANI is pretty much the only non-government outfitter that organizes trips to the South Pole, so what they have is pretty much everything.

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