Monday, November 16, 2015

Prep day 1: Food

We had a productive day today. Carl came to our hotel to do a gear check to make sure we had everything we need.  I thought I had everything but turned out I missed a couple of items.  Things in Punta are not cheap, and gears in particular are outrageously expensive. Oh well, I just have to suck it up and pay for it.

After gear check, we spent pretty much the whole afternoon ripping the food packaging, adding up the calorie and re-pack them in our lighter bags.  We had the whole production line going on. I was the package ripper, Emma the bagger and Carl the tier and bag excess remover.  We are pretty much done with the repacking by the end of the day.  There's still a lot more regarding food packing but it was a great progress.

More food
I got to try out some of the power bars we are going to consume at every break while skiing.  Some are good, one pretty gross so it's not going to be on my list in Antarctica.  I will try more tomorrow to make sure the food I bring with me are the one I can enjoy at hourly.

The amount of food we must eat for breakfasts, breaks during skiing, snacks and dinners is A LOT.  Much more than last time I was able to consume.  But I the way I look at it is they are just fuel. And hopefully eating 4-5 meals a day since mid Sept helps my stomach stretched out enough to accommodate all these.

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