Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prep day 2: Packing

I didn't get back to the hotel until late last night after the dinner/hangout with the guys who are also skiing to the South Pole.  I almost couldn't get out of my bed this morning if it wasn't for Emma waking me up. We were supposed to be at the warehouse by 9:15 to start our day. While I was having breakfast, Emma ran into a group of marathon runners that were going to fly to Antarctica for Antarctic Ice Marathon tomorrow.  Looks like its a marathon has taken new frontier for a while now.

Carl, Emma and I went over our tech gears so that we know how they work.  I'm quite impressed with Carl technical knowledge.  He taught himself web programming.  He built his company website was built by himself. I went over how the tracking program I wrote for this trip works (I will talk a little about it in another entry).  I tested it quite a bit (and I already filed myself a few bugs:)) but I hope it really works the while I'm on the ice.  If you want to have "interactive" tracking instead of just an image on Facebook, you should check out knovava.blogspot.com.

After technical TOI, we headed to the warehouse where we continue packing.  We didn't finish the until almost 6.  There are few more things we need to do regarding food but it seems we're almost done. In the picture, the two rows in front of me and three at the back are my food for the next 5 days.  Each bag is a day worth of food.  There will be more in each ziplock bag. They would add to total of about 5000+ calorie each.  On top of that we have others like butter, chips, and extra 8 days of food. It's a lot of food.

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