Sunday, November 29, 2015

Training day

The storm came in and we could see its effect at union glacier. Snow blowing and the wind picked up around lunch time. At that time we were doing our 10k practice skiing hauling our heavy sleds. We started at 10am and finished at 2:30. Not so great time, if not slow, but this is our first time trying out the equipments. My shoes, skis and everything else seemed to work well. No blisters, no hotspots. By the time we came back to camp there were wind gusts and all but it wasn't super cold. It'll be worst tomorrow. I'm glad we used this time to try things out Em needed a pair of customed insoles and new skis and I know I cannot use soylent. It does not give me that energy needed here.Photo shows the inside of my tent (they are called clamshells or clams because of their shape). They are very comfortable for tents.Sent from Iridium Mail & Web.

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