Friday, November 20, 2015

Waiting starts

We had small cocktail party at ALE office this evening where we had a debrief about the flight to Union Glacier basecamp. The camp is big, and very organized. Apparently UG has better weather than Patriot Hills (that's why they moved there).  Even bathroom facility is nice.  I am looking forward to it. Mike Sharp was there, and he said he kinda recognized me from the last trip. He commented on my shirt and tie and said I should bring it to the South Pole for the picture.  Looks like I will.  

About that shirt and tie, I didn't bring any thing nice.  Who would bring nice stuffs when they are on expedition?  Apparently, Carl insisted that we should had cocktail attire (maybe it was a practical joke for Em?) but he kept saying it and I thought he was serious.  I didn't plan to buy anything anyway but since the shirt and tie together cost me less than $10, I snatched them just for the event. Turned out, I was the only one in shirt and tie and everyone was in their regular outfit!

My boarding pass
At the event, we also pickup our boarding passes (yes, even it's a chartered flight, we still need them). Unfortunately, as of this evening, the weather at UG is not looking good, so we probably won't be able to fly tomorrow morning.  From tomorrow, we are officially in the waiting game, where every morning the ALE staff will call us to inform whether we can fly or not.  If we get to go, we will have to be ready to be picked up at the hotel in 20 mins. So everything has to be on standby. If we don't get to fly, they'll give us another time for another call.  I was told the wait can be up to one week.  This time around, I am not anxious about it at all.  It is what it is and we cannot do much about the weather except for working with it.

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