Thursday, November 19, 2015

Prep day 4: Lazy day

I  got to sleep in for another extra 1 hour and a half today cause we don't have anything planned as a group. Despite having a day "off", I still haven't got through all the things I needed to do.  One thing I did was sew the fur ruff on the hood of my jacket.  It didn't take a long time but it's work.  Another was to shorten the work gloves I bought from a hardware store in Punta Arenas. They are soft suede and quite heavy. I had to trim the excess leather to make it a bit lighter.  The work gloves are the one I forgot to pack with me.
Gloves after: imperfect :(

Gloves before
Carl, Em (Emma prefers Em) and I went for lunch then went to the warehouse for the weighing of our stuffs to Antarctica. We have 20 boxes (all food).  I should have tallied the weight, but my guess is roughly about 250 kg.  We recorded the weight of each box though, so I would have the exact number tomorrow if Carl brings the note book with him.

New haircut
Another thing I did was to go shopping for christmas gifts.  Yes, we're going to have a Christmas "party" with some treats and gift exchange. I think Em and Carl will like my gifts :).  On the way back, I swung by a hair salon for a shorter hair cut.  I don't like my new hair style that much but I will mostly in my hat for a while so it's ok.

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