Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wait day 1

As expected, we are not flying today and most of tomorrow (Monday). The next call is at 8 pm tomorrow. In the meantime we just have to relax and keep ourselves active. The two teams (Hercules and Messner) and Luke (solo from Hercules) and two tourists (penguin colony and for the South Pole) had a good hike today, just to kill time and stretch our legs.  

I should mention about other people who I get to hang out with and are going to ski to the South Pole this year.  

Besides Carl, Em and me, there are two people skiing solo from Hercules Inlet. Luke Robertson from Scotland is going unsupported and unassisted.  Another person who I have not met is Doug Tumminello. 

The team I hang out with more often has Messner start. That team includes Devon McDiarmid (guide, Canadian), Stew Edge (British), Mostafa Salameh (Jordanian) and Shahrom Abdullah (Malaysian). After reaching the pole, Devon and Stew are going kite back to Hercules Inlet.  Mostafa has done 7 summits and will be the first Jordanian to ski to the South Pole.  Shahrom will also be the first in his country to reach the pole by skiing.

I believe there are two other skiers already on the ice doing Antarctica traversing.

We exchanged our sat phone numbers because soon enough everyone will get on with their expeditions.  We are definitely going to keep in touch with each other on the ice.  It would be nice to know how everyone is doing in this remote environment, especially to people I started to bond well with.

From left: Luke, Shahrom, Emma, Khai, Mostafa, Carl, Stew and Devon.

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