Monday, December 14, 2009

Gear Checking

So one of the staff from ANI called the B&B and looked for me when I was out for lunch (I couldn´t lounge around waiting for a checkin and I was hungry, so I stepped out for a bite). They left a message with Mary, the B&B owner and asked me to call back. I was happy to see their message. I called them back and again, Mark, the person who called, went for lunch as well. We played phone tag :) Finally, he called when I was napping and said he would drop by in 20 mins to check my gears.

I laid out all my gears, he and I went over the list. We checked every single item and I got everything except for one missing pair of googles. I was looking all over and couldn´t find them anywhere. That was when I remembered that I left them at the Santiago airport :(. No shops opened at late hours. I was was tired, sleepy, hungry and thirsty. I took out a bottle of cookies from my family from the bottom of my backpack where I put the googles on top. They must have fallen under the chair that´s why when I packed everything again, I didn´t think I miss anything, or I might be too tired to focus on anything. Oh well, sh-t happens. Not big a deal but now I have to shed some money to get a new pair and have to sew a nose beak on. Not so fun.

While checking the gears, I asked Mark about the group. Now I know where other people are from. One male from Germany last named Major (may not be spelled this way), one couple from the UK and one guy named Huang from China. So the group will have 5 skiers and one guide.

Tomorrow we are going to group at a club house downtown Punta Arenas to go over everything for about an hour and a half. Most likely in the afternoon we are going ship all our gears to Patriot Hills.

And if weather permits, we´re flying to Patriot Hills basecamp on early Wednesday!

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