Monday, December 14, 2009

Punta Arenas

After a long wait, and short 3 hour ride, I arrived in Punta Arenas. The town is empty, just like I remember it 4 years ago. The weather is ok here, cool and high humidity. I got to the hostel at 7:30, woke up the lady who owns the bed and breakfast by the door bell. She didn´t seem too upset the fact I arrived so early. But she seems a little frustrated and confused, of course, with my so very broken espaƱol. I had to use the back of the Lonely Planet Chile to look up vocabulary for my sentences. I got frustrated at myself too :) We managed to understand each other at the end. In fact, I managed to ask her about a few things including how the tourism in Punta Arenas is doing. She said this year is no good due to global recession and the pandemic (swine flu I supposed - I couldn´t find the spanish word for pig in Lonely Planet :)). We talked, or rather I conversed in choppy spanish words over breakfast (very sweet fruit cake and te) .
I´m now waiting for the room (only check in at 11, darn) to be ready and so ready to crash. It´s been two days I didnt have full sleep. I need to contact the ANI office in Punta Arenas today to find out what´s going on, but now I want to hit the sack so badly.

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